Queen Bee Empire

The sequel to Best Slumber Party Ever
Written and Directed by Samuel Shanahoy

The cast and crew of Queen Bee Empire consists entirely of queers from a variety of different genders, sexualities and identities. The writer/directer worked one-on-one and in groups with the cast to write dialogue and create scenes based around the various different sexual fantasies, desires and interests that each individual wanted to share and perform on camera. Despite being a fictional story with fictional characters this film is a genuine depiction of pleasure, sexuality, kink and sexual autonomy.

“A couple of nights before filming, we had a cast meeting where we hung out and talked about everything we did and did not want to do with each other. This is one of my favorite memories from making the porn, not even the action shots, but that sweet blush filled night of giggles and possibility. It set the mood for the filming, where we knew where each others lines were, and even better, where the hot spots were. I loved having this opportunity to explore intimacy with my good friends, and would do it again if given the chance.” – Queenie (Stacey)

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January 28, Wish Party, @ S.L.M, Stockholm, Sweden

January 15th, Fish & Chips Film Festival , @ Cinema Massimo, Turin, Italy

OCT 23 & 25, Berlin Porn Film Festival, @ Cinema Moviemento, Berlin, Germany
Feb 27 - March 1, NYC Porn Film Festival, NYC, USA
March 6 -8, La Fête du Slip , Lausanne, Switzerland

Dec 11, This Human World,Vienna, Austria
Nov 13, Perv Film Festival, @ The Red Rattler Theatre, Sydney, Australia
Sept 23, @ The Bike Pit, Denver, USA
Sept 17, @ Friendly Bar, New Orleans, USA
Sept 13, @ Space Mountain, Miami, USA
Sept 11, @ The Low Museum, Atlanta, USA
Sept 3, Queer Porn Underground, @ Spectacle Theater, NYC, USA
Aug 28, @ M.D.M, Minneapolis, USA
Aug 24, @ The Cockpit, Seattle, USA
Aug 2, Contre le Mur, Montreal, Canada
April 10, World Premiere, @ The Rio Theatre, Vancouver, Canada

WATCH HERE ----> queerporn.tv/queenbeeempire NSFW 18+

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